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08 September 2006 @ 08:02 pm
Alright. I've decided to make my journal 'Friends Only', too. I'm leaving my first post public, so people can get a clear idea of what this journal is about. If you want to read more, just comment below.
06 September 2006 @ 07:00 pm
You scored 75 imagination, 100 confidence, 45 dominance, and 54 generosity!
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31 August 2006 @ 10:59 pm
I started seeking bulls in May. I knew how much I love cock, and flirting comes so naturally... but still I was a bit nervous to actually put up an ad seeking someone. Shortly after i posted, I started receiving responses.

I read profiles, and gave a lot of thought as to who I would start this with. I decided on a guy who seemed rather normal, and had bull experience. D met me at a bar... we had some drinks while we talked about what we were after. We hit it off rather well, and before I knew it, he had his hand up my skirt. We paid our bill, and went to the car to "talk" some more. We didn't last long, until I was in the back of his car, with my legs spread wide. I love men who can take control of me, and that's exactly what he did.

I went home super excited, and dripping with sex. I had my husband eat my well-used pussy, while I told him about the great cock I'd just had. A few days later, D was at our house, fucking me in front of my cucky. D and I told him how he didn't deserve my pussy, and, well, now that I had a real cock, I may never need his little cock again. It was awesome.

I've only seen D 3 times since that night, but each time has been memorable. I'll get to those later.

After building some confidence that I really *DO* enjoy being a hotwife, I decided to find a few others. D has a hard time getting away from reality to play, so I knew I had to find someone who could offer me a bit more.

I started talking to M. M was a great lover. He loves long, rhythmic sex. The kind that makes me cum so many times I lose count, and I can't do anything but feel the sensations of every motion he makes. I saw him many times, but due to schedules, we have never fucked in front of my cuck. I had issues with this, and eventually, things fell apart between us. Running off for sex is fine from time to time, but it is not what I am seeking.

Next, I met with an older man who had experience with bdsm. Since I love being submissive, I thought that a bull who could bring that aspect into play would be incredible. His experiences were more on the side of being dominant, and in the end, I think he decided that having a sub "couple" wasn't quite what he was looking for. Fair enough... I continued my search, carrying with me his new techniques for nipple play that I absolutely adore.

I then met S. S loves to have lunchtime quickies. His home is near my office, so he likes to take me there and use me. He's also very big on the gangbang scene, which gets me so wet every time I think about it. A few days ago, he took me to a friend's house so I could perform. It was awesome. It was just the two of them, but stripping in front of a complete stranger, and letting him use me was such a turn on. Mmmm... Strangely, S is someone I started talking to, but then decided against. Even when I met him, I wasn't sure where things were headed... but he has a great cock.. and, well, being a slut, I have a hard time turning down a great cock. I like the way he uses me, and I love the fact that he's always planning a gangbang for me. The perfect way to come home to a cuckold. I can't wait until we can arrange to have my husband be in the room and watch me take them on. So far, I've only been able to bring him a video of the events.

I've been talking to a guy who says he's 30, but has very little experience. I'm intrigued by him for the sheer fact that I feel like the older, experienced woman showing him the ropes. Even though I don't have much on him in age, I still feel like I can teach him a lot. I had thought he wasn't for real for a long time (and still don't have proof), but he seems very sincere and naiive. I can't wait to have him shove his cock in my ass and completely corrupt him forever. =)

In the past few weeks, I met P. All of our conversations have been wonderful. He knows exactly what I want in a cuckold scene, and he has a dominant personality. We met, and hit it off very well. Unfortunately, he hurt his leg running (had to undergo surgury!), and has been recovering. We haven't played yet... but I am dying for our first real encounter. I sucked his cock the day we met (yes, back to me being a slut!), and he seemed pleased with my abilities. I'm currently waiting for him to heal so we can see where this will go.

I frequently get responses to my ads, but have not been responding to many. I'm often shocked at how little thought people put into them. If you want to get me in bed, I need a bit more than "WYLTF?" as your message. Sheesh. I'm not asking for much.. just give me something to work with!

Okay, this was a bit long.. I had some catching up to do... but now that we're up to speed, stay tuned for what happens next!